The main differences between Corona Virus and Influenza

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13 mai 2014
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13 octobre 2020

The main differences between Corona Virus and Influenza

Transmission in the first 3-5 days of illness, or potentially pre-symptomatic transmission –transmission of the virus before the appearance of symptoms – is a major driver of transmission for influenza. In contrast, WHO is learning that most people who can shed COVID-19 virus 24-48 hours prior to symptom onset, which does not appear to be a major driver of transmission.

The speed of transmission is the cleariest point of difference between both viruses. Influenza has a shorter median incubation period (the time from infection to appearance of symptoms) and a shorter serial interval (the time between successive cases) than COVID-19 virus. The serial interval for COVID-19 virus is estimated to be 5-6 days, while for influenza virus, the serial interval is 3 days. This means that influenza can spread faster than COVID-19.

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