27 octobre 2020

Digital Health Passport for a safer traveling trafics

A digital health passport for travellers to report their COVID-19 test status is currently being accpted at airports. It is expected that the CommonPass smart tool would generate safer cross border travel by giving both travellers and destinations' governments confidence in people's COVID-19 updated status.
13 octobre 2020

Common Health Protocol for Covid-19 in Workplaces

The common measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 that convienes to all workplaces are basically around frequent hand-washing or disinfection with alcohol based hand sanitizer, respiratory hygiene such as cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, physical distancing of at least 1 metre or more according to the surface of the workspace, wearing masks where distancing is not possible, regular environmental cleaning, disinfection, and areating the closed spaces.
13 mai 2014

The main differences between Corona Virus and Influenza

Transmission in the first 3-5 days of illness, or potentially pre-symptomatic transmission –transmission of the virus before the appearance of symptoms – is a major driver of transmission for influenza. In contrast, WHO is learning that most people who can shed COVID-19 virus 24-48 hours prior to symptom onset, which does not appear to be a major driver of transmission.
13 mai 2014

Recommendations for contaminated people with Corona virus

Recently we received these relevant information from patients who recovered from Coronavirus shared with us their daily routine in hospitals